New Lifestyle Mantra for Delhi’s Elite

1 Acre Farms in South Delhi

Delhi is changing and so are the lifestyle preferences of The Delhi’s Elite, and why not? While a 2000 sq.ft. apartment in a posh South Delhi would cost the same as much as it would cost to own 1/3rd of … Continue reading

Our Predictions Bang On Target

how much can one construct on 1 Acre

Our team is always on target, as predicted by the 1 Acre Farms Team in one of the earlier posts, finally the Gazette for the Construction Norms is out and confirmed. One can have two dwelling units and extendible to … Continue reading

New 1 Acre Farm Policy

new 1 acre farm policy

In the latest developments on the New 1 Acre Farms Policy, DDA plans to allow more than 1 dwelling unit on a 1 acre land parcel in the Green Belt. The clarity is being sought on weather this rule would … Continue reading

The Future is Quite Predictable


One doesn’t need to have studied Astrology, numerology or any other ology to tell this one, neither does one have to be a Gypsy King or a Gypsy Queen to get this one right and definitely you don’t need any … Continue reading

Great News – Reduction in Conversion Charges

how much can one construct on 1 Acre

Good News for 1 Acre Farms and those who are clued in or invested into this specific asset class, with this latest notification on the conversion charges, DDA announced reduction of the conversion charges, as compared to the earlier announced … Continue reading

1 Acre Farm House Delhi

1 acre farm houses l zone

1 Acre Farm Houses are definitely the next evolution from a South Delhi Builder floor, and why not? When the costs work out to be the same, who wouldn’t want to live a gigantic lifestyle rather than being confined to … Continue reading

Food for Thought

1 acre farm houses in delhi

Life in the main city is becoming more and more stressful, blame it on the lifestyle choices that we make, the work pressures and of course the kind of dwellings that we are now living in. The one good reason … Continue reading

1 Acre Farm Policy

While the 1 Acre Farm Policy is out and is gazetted, a lot of people who would like to invest into this space are waiting for the plans to be sanctioned by the authorities. The trail blazers and medium to high risk investors have already taken positions in various areas that have been notified under the 1 acre farm policy, while the end users and the low risk investors are waiting and watching as to which way the wind blows.

Waiting for the plans to be sanctioned is likely to provide the much needed comfort and assurance to the fence sitter investors and end users of farm houses to be able to take positions, even though waiting would end up in prices of these 1 acre farms to be dearer after the plans under the 1 acre farm policy start getting sanctioned. The investors who have already taken positions are definitely likely to benefit from the news of sanction of the first plan and there is a likely hood of the prices to be moving northwards by about 20% on this news.

The 1 acre farm policy is applicable to all the villages that have come under the LDRA of Delhi and helps in maintaining Delhi’s green periphery with allowing of lesser construction on a large piece of land of 1 Acre under the new 1 acre farm policy.

Now Available 1 Acre Farms in Westend Greens

One of the most prominent and the most sought after community The Westend Greens on the NH-8 has some of the finest people living within the community. Starting from the Expats and Ambassadors of various embassies and head honchos of some of the largest multi nationals in the country, all have homes in this fantastic community.

Westend Greens as a community has always been a sellers market, as the inventory is always a challenge to find good quality locations of farms in Westend Greens. Earlier the farms in Westend Greens were sanctioned on 2.5 acres of land, however, with the new 1 acre farm policy coming into force, now the community also has some very limited inventory of 1 acre farms in Westend Greens.

We have some confirmed excellent locations of 1 Acre Farms in Westend Greens. In case you are looking for a Farm Scheme that is exclusive and well maintained, then this is jut the perfect one for you.

This place is something else, you almost forget that you are in the busy city of Delhi. Westend Greens is tucked away from the noise of the city, yet, perfectly located on the NH-8, with perfect access to the International Airport as well as the Millennium City of Gurgaon, making Westend Greens as  a perfect place to live.

1 Acre Farms get Objections from Authorities

1 Acre Farm Policy

Last week one of the leading developers of Delhi, who have been developing super luxury and luxury homes in South Delhi applied for the 1st Drawing Sanctions to the authorities under the new 1 Acre Farm Policy, the application was … Continue reading

“On the Ground” News

1 Acre Farm Houses in South Delhi

1 Acre Farm Properties in key locations of South Delhi have already started taking shape in various areas like Chattarpur Farms, Ansal Satbari, Sultanpur, Bandh Road, Radhe Mohan Drive and various other locations. These would soon become homes to a … Continue reading

Bandh Road

Bandh Road is a wide road that connects the Gadhaipur Mandi Road and the Chattarpur Mandir Road. The landmark is the IIPM training facility on the Chattarpur Mandir Road. Bandh Road has some interesting opportunities to own 1 Acre Farms, there are various privately developed “Drives”, which one could consider living in, the area is a niche area with internal connectivity via Oak Drive into the Chattarpur Farms. Bandh Road has a distinct advantage of being a well connected broad road in the vicinity.

Bandh Road got popular after the Radhe Mohan Drive came into existence. Radhe Mohan drive gave rise to other drives created by other smaller investors. Today there are about 7 such drives on Bandh Road, most prominent being Radhe Mohan Drive.

In due course of time, there are some fantastic communities that are planned on the main Bandh Road, there is an opportunity to invest now and reap the benefits of this investment as the community takes shape. There is also a scope of dividing the 1 acre into 3 parts of 1600 sq.yrds. as per the new 1 Acre farm house policy.

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Radhe Mohan Drive

1 acre farms radhe mohan drive

Radhe Mohan Drive which was initially developed by a senior advocate in Delhi is considered to be one of the better areas to live outside of the more organized farm communities in south Delhi like The DLF Chattarpur or Sultanpur … Continue reading