The Golden Gate of Investment

Najafgarh Farm Land

Gone are the days, when one could strike gold by a pure chance of destiny, in today’s world, one has to find investments that have the potential to multiply at a pace that is fast and yet remains as a … Continue reading

New Lifestyle Mantra for Delhi’s Elite

1 Acre Farms in South Delhi

Delhi is changing and so are the lifestyle preferences of The Delhi’s Elite, and why not? While a 2000 sq.ft. apartment in a posh South Delhi would cost the same as much as it would cost to own 1/3rd of … Continue reading

Our Predictions Bang On Target

how much can one construct on 1 Acre

Our team is always on target, as predicted by the 1 Acre Farms Team in one of the earlier posts, finally the Gazette for the Construction Norms is out and confirmed. One can have two dwelling units and extendible to … Continue reading

New 1 Acre Farm Policy

new 1 acre farm policy

In the latest developments on the New 1 Acre Farms Policy, DDA plans to allow more than 1 dwelling unit on a 1 acre land parcel in the Green Belt. The clarity is being sought on weather this rule would … Continue reading

Badu Sarai

1600 yards country homes bijwasan

Badu Sarai is a very strategically located village within the LDRA (Low Density Residential Area) of Delhi. Just a stone’s throw away from the existing Dwarka region and the IGI Airport, this area remains to be undervalued presently, however has … Continue reading

Smart City in Delhi – Virtual or Reality?

smart city in delhi

Another dream being sold? Another big promise? Another possible reality? Or just another Virtual Reality? The news on creating the Najafgarh Smart City in Delhi is surely interesting, however, is it really going to become a reality ? There is … Continue reading

Breaking News !! Gurgaon Allows 1 Acre Farms


As predicted by our research team, Gurgaon follows suite to allow 1 Acre Low Density Eco Friendly Farm Houses. Our research team had predicted well in advance that Haryana will follow the Delhi’s decision to allow 1 Acre Farms soon, … Continue reading

Lutyens Back in Delhi

1 Acre Farms

Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens, the man referred as “The Best Architect in Britain” was instrumental in creating parts of the Metropolis called New Delhi during the British Rule. New Delhi is definitely going back to Lutyens, or is it that Lutyens … Continue reading


1 Acre Farm Collaborations

Raghopur is an interesting area if you consider the topography of this area, its like a portion of Delhi jutting into Gurgaon, something like if Gurgaon was Land and Delhi was the Sea, this kind of forms a peninsula into Gurgaon. … Continue reading


1 acre in delhi

Goa’s landscape is changing fast, contrary to the popular belief of Goa being only a holiday and a party destination,  there is a lot more to Goa than that…being on the global map as a preferred holiday destination,  Goa anyway … Continue reading

Why DLF Chattarpur Commands a higher price

dlf chattarpur farms brokers

We all know that currently, DLF Chattarpur remains to be undoubtedly amongst one of the best Farm House Areas in Delhi. While there are other communities within the Chattarpur Belt, so what is it that has made DLF Chattarpur a … Continue reading

1600 Yards Country Homes Bijwasan

1600 yards country homes bijwasan

As the Country Homes Policy opens up a great opportunity for the aspiring successful people to own these fantastic new age country homes in various parts of farm house areas in Delhi, Bijwasan which is strategically located within the close … Continue reading

One Life to Live

1 acre farms delhi

A whole lot of times, we tend to believe that we are immortal, money flowing in, lots of disposable income, partying, having fun, all great !! Delhi does it to you, its nobody’s fault, blame it on Delhi. The only … Continue reading